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See our references from our clients

Chance Mapet - BH

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Adela passed BH with the dog Chance Mapet for for our client.

Exams IPO2 and BH

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Hasan Ja Na Ka did IPO2 with Denis Soldan and Enny Blendy did BH with Adela Senkova in the day 24.11.2018!

Illa Ja Na Ka – did Körung!

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llla Ja Na Ka did Körung in Austria! IPO1 – 97,98,95 – Show – SG, HD-normal, ED-normal, DNA available.

New female in training

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We have new female in training Joy von der Schillerstraße. Father and Mather: Ixtrem vom Eisernen Kreuz x Smoky von den Wannaer Höhen

Workshop in Philippines

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Thanks so much for nice time in Philippines . We’ll see you again soon!!!

Workshop in VdH Leutenbach

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Great workshop in VdH Leutenbach Germany with great people’s! Thanks so much.      Malimaniac´s Fezz - 8 months old #denissoldan #venoomeu #ipo #protection Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Denis...

Körung 8/2017

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On 26th August 2017 We successfully folded Körung in SV OG Sandersdorf Inka vom Teufelshang, Daika vom Schützenbruch and Joeys vom Teufelshang.

Show on Sunday

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Joeys vom Teufelshang She earned a mark on the show G ( good ). 

Wt Metall new trailer

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Finally new one trailer from WT-METALL. I would like to thank this company for this excellent trailer!!!