More and more dogs suffer from degenerative diseases, sports injuries or overload damage. Physiotherapy for dogs is no longer just for the sick; it includes a comprehensive program for every dog.

In particular, great importance is attached to prevention because, often, you can use preventative therapy to avoid worse complications.

With a lot of tools you can make excercises by yourself and train your dog in coordination, stabilisation, endurance and build up muscles.




  • Certified program physiotherapist for humans since 2006
  • Certified dog physiotherapist since 2012
  • Specialist in electrotherapy for dogs
  • Dog physiotherapist of the German IPO dogs on the FMBB 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Special education as sportdog physiotherapist
  • Hosted several seminars in Russia, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, France and Slovakia.

Sincerely yours Mirjam Knauer

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