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Here you can always see the latest photos, videos and the current training status. Photos and videos of the dogs are provided professionally by VENOOM Photography.

5Dogs in training

71Trained dogs


5Dogs in training

71Trained dogs



With his innovative approach to training young dogs Denis Soldan is a Master at his Trade. Denis is far ahead of his time in program design, the importance of selective breeding and the recognition of training as enrichment for young puppies that are today the cornerstones of Modern Dog Training. His Company VENOOM is professional and the service is excellent.

Jeanette Rix

Denis and Adela, we got to meet you in july 18, meanwhile we train regularly with you and we are very happy about it! You are great!

Juergen Gabriel

Denis has trained two puppies for me and done a fantastic job! He did 5 months of IPO foundation work on one puppy – building drive for the ball, teaching the basics of heeling and positions, tracking and beginning bitework. The puppy received super training and was well cared for, and I received regular video and text updates. Denis did such a great job that I now have a second puppy with him! He is professional, responsible, cares about the dogs, and goes out of his way to be helpful.

Erin O’Shea

Denis, is only 20 years old and he does excellent work with young dogs. I have seen many young dogs which he taught and everything was perfect!!! Thank you for my dogs!

Joachim Kopp

Denis trains young dogs with perfect method so their work in future will be excellent. He does perfect work in defence and also in obedience. In defence he does perfect work with aggressivity, excellent changing aggressivity and calm. He knows how to bring a dog to counterattack.

Dieter and Iris Schmale

Denis is perfect helper, he is also excellent in obedience and in tracks. He is excellent for aggressivity. Thank you Denis for perfect preparation Greg.

Kevin and Samira Steuer

Thank you to Denis and Adela for amazing preperation of my Inka vom Teufelshang. They got her as young female and they did an amazing job in all three divisions. Thanks to their work my female will be great for my kennel.

Axel Volberg

I had my Dog with Denis and Adala for Protection.
It was good. Denis and Adéla take good care of the Dog’s super.
And they make a super Work to bring a Puppy up. That you can work good when you get it back.
There Services and Equipment is very good.

Greetings Jenna and Family Taylor

Jenna Taylor

Denis is a Top Top Teacher! I learned a lot, thanks to Denis and his girlfriend Adela for everything, been an unforgettable weekend, see you soon, regards!

Rafael Ito Esparza

Mr. Denis is a very nice man. He helped me select and train three very good dogs in strict accordance with my needs. At the same time, help me solve many problem very patient. I’m very grateful to him for helping me. Best wish to you and your company to be better and better!

Wei Wang



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