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stories of our clients

Denis has been excellent to deal with. Imported a great dog into the US that came exactly as described. Strong, confident, with super drives. Denis was honest and professional to deal with. He has a true instinct for the dogs. I couldn't be happier with the dog or the experience dealing with Denis and Venoom.

by Preston Costa

Very professional, trustworthy, my friends, you pay attention.

by Xiao Hui Li

Top Trainer, with great feeling for different types of dogs in obedience. In protection he uses his vast experience to take dogs to a very high level . He is especially good working with dogs that are ‘ not so easy.

by Mike Seddon

We would like to thank for the preparation of our two females ( Hesi Zde-Sko and Jagira Aykmar ) for the championship. Very helpful, always ready to help!! Excellent helper, with professional approach to dogs and handlers!!

by Ludmila Skokanová

Denis, is only 20 years old and he does excellent work with young dogs. I have seen many young dogs which he taught and everything was perfect!!! Thank you for my dogs!

by Joachim Kopp

Have been dealing with Denis and Adela for one year now, I bought and import to Canada 5 dogs already with the help of Denis. He is a very good trainer who helps you to bring the best out of your dog and great to work with, he has been to Canada several times already and planning to have him come down more.

by Mario Lamarche


We are a team that offers different services. Our duties include, selling sport dogs and K9 dogs, workshops, training dogs, breeding and transporting dogs abroad. Furthermore, we also have a cooperation with the company D4M, DOGSCOUT ...

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